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Business Advertising & Marketing


Our direct marketing and advertising services provide businesses with avenues that allow entry into barrier markets that typically would not be accessible because of cost and availability. Our goal is to position businesses in strong markets by integrating their products and services into centralized listings and local social service resources. 
We accomplish this through:
Advanced Web Solutions
o Business/Fan pages on RizeEverett.com & Social Networks
o Customized internet and intranet web portals
o Web promotions and coupons
High End Visuals
o Made for TV and Web Commercials
o Service and Product catalogues
o Customized still and animated graphics
Customized Business Plans & Strategies
o Business Licensing &Requirements
o Business Frameworks outlining strategies and roadmaps to business milestones, objectives and goals
o Press Releases & Distribution
Sponsored & Private Events
o Promote local Artists in local venues
o Solicit sponsorship of fundraisers and positive community causes
o Give local business the first opportunity of providing venues and service
o promote Commerce and positive Revenue Generation in our Local Communities
Social Networking
o Pick and choose exposure from the top 25 social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Rize City Directory
Rize Everett harnesses the power of communication using modern technology. We focus on four areas in our directory listing:
Referral Affiliate business marketing plans.
Affiliate business opportunities for entrepreneurs
Social service and community resource listings
Local business service offerings &advertisements
Community Broadcasting
Rize Everett has contracted with media distribution and architecture professionals in the community to provide our clients with modern communication avenues at a low cost with high exposure.
Stream Live events and/or pre-recorded material to showcase service offerings and products
High end visuals and commercials
Internet radio broadcasting
Talk shows and interviews
Local entertainment, sports and recreation sponsorship programs.

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