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Table of Contents




A Facebook Fanpage is a special facebook page (aside from the personal page where people post on your wall) that is geared towards marketing business solutions. 

Simple FaceBook fanpage that is manageable through a customer web interface.  The alternative is the customer provides pictures and text and we manage the Fanpage for them.  This Fanpage should have at least one simple commercial that can be played by most viewing audiences.  We have provided you with two recommended themes for your business.



Scratch Tickets

An intuitive interface that emulates scratch tickets for approved contestants.  These tickets can be given out to your customers and is completely controllable on your end.



Targeted Facebook Ads

For a business your size, You should use targeted advertising in Facebook Ads.  This allows you to market your services and products cheaply while reaching people without any intervention on your part.  You pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Estimates Calculation

There should at minimum be a link to your current estimations page on the web site, or we could create a simple html page for you.  If you really want to look good we have a high end custom parallax solution that pops.



Simple Estimation Tool Example



High End Paralax Solution Example


For this Facebook project we will need to make (1) 15s commercial and (1) 30s commercial and it would also make sense to make a contest commercial as well.


A Rich Mobile Site

Your current web pages show up fine on mobile devices.  The current experience takes a lot of work to navigate on a small device such as a mobile phone.  Faster navigation means better and faster web to customer communication on your site. You should look good on any device, anytime, by anyone.  See the example of a simple estimation tool as it is made for mobile devices.


Perform SEO Tier 3

At minimum sync with yahoo.  Balance your marketing on the internet.  You are fine on Google and Bing, but there are many search engines that a company like Your Business should be registered with.  If you put all of your eggs in one or two baskets, it dilutes your advertising because you’re not realizing your exposure potential.

Lastly, Ensure that you have many domains on the internet that point back to your business.  The objective is to expose your company to as may people as possible, no matter what their tendencies are.




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