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Barter Advertising
Your Used Items For Advertising!

Contact Us:
Bartering is common in virtually all media. The media must sell their advertising space (or time) or else the deadline will pass, and the opportunity will be lost forever. Therefore, many publishers and broadcasters are eager to "trade out" their unsold ad space or time, whether the company is a small weekly newspaper or a large television network like NBC.

Direct trades
The media might accept our goods and services in a one-to-one trade.

The possibilities include:

Supplying the media's needs. Like any other business, these companies need office supplies, computer equipment, printing, office furniture, cleaning, catering, plumbing, vehicle maintenance, hotel rooms for visitors, etc.

Supplying prizes. When media have contests, the prizes are usually acquired by bartering; for example, if the prize is a free lunch at a restaurant, the restaurant is probably trading that lunch for some advertising.

Posted on Jan 25, 2012 02:03am by

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