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EVT-TV Street Team
Here's your chance to rep da 425 with youur individual talents!! Graphic Artists, Illustrators, Videographers, and VJ Personalities are needed to launch an interactive TV network based in the heart of downtown Everett.
We are looking for content. And for people to edit and display that content. If you are a photo -or- videographer we want you to be apart of making Everett the forefront leader in web entertainment and communication.

We need people. People with energy. People that want to get involved. People that want to make a difference ... a real difference that YOU will see when you walk down the street.

We want YOU to be the face of EVT-TV. Everywhere you go in Everett, we wanna be there and we want YOU to tell US what's poppin ...

Stay tuned y'all ...

It's time.

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